Books are such an essential part of travel. When I was younger and traveling with my parents, I had to make room for a minimum of thirteen books in my suitcase for a one-week getaway. Suffice to say I ended up wearing the same sweater a lot on vacations (because really, a 20kg weight limit? Why haven’t we put a halt to this absurdity yet?). With the advent of the kindle, my life has significantly improved. Not only can I finally bring a week’s worth of clothes on vacation (am I grossing you out yet?), but I can download books from anywhere in the world without WiFi! Talk about a dream come true. For those that are traveling regularly and are bookworms like me, I would recommend an e-reader as one of the best investments you could make.


Being on exchange, my schedule isn’t as rigorous as it would normally be with readings pertaining to school. I’m sure those that are currently in university – or are familiar with the experience of it – can identify: after spending nine hours at the library analyzing the meaning of a short essay on Sacred Lampstands (drawing from a real experience here), the last thing you want to do is come home and read any more. I swear that Netflix would only have achieved half the popularity that it has today without struggling, overworked university students. You’re welcome Reed Hastings.

Anyway, since I’m afforded the luxury of time here, I’ve taken full advantage of it by returning to my readaholic ways. Here are some little tidbits, reviews, and thoughts on books I’ve read recently and recommend (or don’t!).


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