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When I first came around to the idea of starting a blog, the most widely touted advice that the Great World of Google provided was, stick to what you know. Ha! I thought to myself. Easy!

Ideas came pouring out left right and center. Huddled in my tiny cozy Parisian apartment, I vowed that nothing would be off-limits. Of course my readers would want to read about my fitness routine! I would document all the Zumba classes I went to, my hours spent on the elliptical and ooohh what about that new LesMills class I just read about? I could try that! I’d do a review! Better yet – I’d try and then compare all the fitness classes at my gym. Why stop there though? What about all of Paris? Fitness. Food. Recipes! Fashion. Photography. Drawing – why not? (Nervermind that I don’t have an artistic bone in my body – I could learn! I would learn!) My thoughts piled higher and higher.

Cut to 7am Monday morning. Oh god. Three fitness classes before my 10am PoliSci course? What was I thinking? And was I really going to have to make that elaborate Julia Childs recipes with ingredients that I couldn’t even pronounce (let alone mold into an edible dish)?? As I sat down to dinner that night (hard boiled eggs and tuna straight out of the can – a more realistic and representative example of my cooking abilities), I knew I needed to rethink my approach. Let’s be honest. What do I know?

Thanks to my adventurous parents, I have been fortunate enough to travel travel travel from a very young age. I was six months old when I boarded my first transatlantic flight, and haven’t stopped since! My passion for seeing the world is on an upward trajectory, and shows no sign of slowing down.


My recent move to Paris is doubly exciting for this reason – I see my one-year visa as a key to Europe. It’s my intention to board as many shaky puddle-jumping airplanes, 22-hour buses, and stifling, jam-packed trains as possible if it means I can see all the strange corners of this beautiful continent.

So, that’s what I’ve decided to base my blog on! All things travel: the planning, the packing*, the arrival, the destination, and the heartbreak of leaving a place that you know was meant for you. I don’t consider travel to be strictly about the place you’re going to, either. Books have always shaped my experiences abroad, so I plan on including a lot of commentary in that area as well. And of course, how can we forget food? Or drinks?! And tacky life-affirming quotes that everyone roles their eyes at but secretly loves!


Don’t hesitate to send me a message if you want more details/information/encouragement about visiting a place – I’m more than happy to talk. À bientôt!


*But if I’m really sticking to what I know, I’d be wise to eliminate this part…

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