Rumour has it…

1. A Parisian diet means bread, wine and cheese.

I hate to generalize. I’m not going to say that’s all they do. They also ride a lot of subways. And walk 8 miles a day. And they must spend about 4 hours in front of the mirror each morning to look as put-together and beautiful as they always do (they must right?!?). But verdict on this one? True.

IMG_0019 copy


2. The French are rude by nature.

I think this stereotype is mainly due to Parisians’ tourist fatigue, a concept I recently came across. Also, it must be exhausting to constantly be spoken at in a language that you should not be expected to know (ahem, English). This is France! Speak French! (Or at least try?)

Another reason: cultural differences. I’ve noticed things about myself that I wouldn’t have before coming here: namely, how much I laugh about things that aren’t necessarily funny, and apologize when it’s not needed… In North American culture, it isn’t the norm to be as neutral and collected as it is in our European counterparts’. I find we tend to wear our emotions on our sleeves; this makes the aloof nature of the French more striking, and perhaps why we jump to the “rude by nature” conclusion.

So, on this one I say false.

IMG_9966 copy

Does this little guy look unfriendly to you?

3. Everyone smokes.

True. True true true.


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