Escape from Paris… in Paris

Since beginning university, I’ve lived in three cities: Montreal, Toronto, and now Paris. I have friends that cannot stand being in cities – as in, you can see them visibly tensing up the closer they are to downtown, and exhaling with relief as their bus drives away. I, for the most part, am not like this. I love the loud, I love the busy, I love the traffic. HOWEVER. There are times when a feeling comes bubbling up inside me like I can’t get a full breath of air because there is just no space: everywhere I look is filled with obstacles and tiny sidewalks and manholes and perverts and mean taxi-drivers and ladders and weird construction-men and landlords and banging….!

giphy (1)

You get the picture.

SO: wherever I live, I’ve made a point to find where the closest “escape” is. A week or two ago I made the trip out to Bois de Vincennes, a beautiful park just outside of Paris. And by “park” I mean 2,459 acres of green paradise. It’s filled with joggers and serene little yogis and frolicking puppies, and is essentially a fairy-tale land for someone looking to tune in, turn off, drop out, drop in, switch off, switch on, and explode for an hour or two.


Features: a zoo (!!), 17.5km of bike trails, four lakes, millions of trees, and a very Parisian atmosphere of couples lounging around chewing on foot-long baguettes, and reading newspapers in the grass.

Side-note: if you ever get the feeling that you need a good dose of #SinglesAwareness plan a trip to Paris! It’s hard to get away from The Couples. Even in the Bois de Vincennes, the supposed “escape from Paris”, they’re omnipresent!




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