Dolla dolla bills y’all PT II

Here’s the second instalment of my post about what’s wise and unwise to spend cash on when you’re away! Again, this is really geared towards everyone on a more limited budget.


1. The main tourist attraction

Don’t be an angsty little travel-hipster! No matter how many times you’ve heard that the Colosseum really isn’t that impressive, or that Berlin beers aren’t something you absolutely need to try (though I would pay you to find the person that says that), or that the Louvre is so overrated… Will you really feel smug when you tell all your friends back home that despite traveling long distances to faraway lands, you declined to experience such a large part of what makes that destination special?

Shell out the premium tourist price for the schnitzel / museum ticket / whatever and be done with it. A) It’s famous for a reason, and B) No money could possibly compensate you for the conversation you will inevitably have down the line with your in-laws, explaining awkwardly once again how you “just didn’t get around to it.”

2. The plane tickets

I’m going to include a caveat, here: if you’re not in any particular rush or on a tight schedule, I’m not pushing you to buy the high-end ticket from reputable air-lines if it means paying way over what you could otherwise get. That being said, if you’re planning a small weekend trip or one with several flights with tight connections, I’d really recommend paying the extra cash and opting for the more reliable airline. There’s a reason why European companies like Ryanair and EasyJet are so cheap – they’re not dependable! Granted, flight delays can happen for any number of reasons, but the chances of things screwing up sky-rocket (unlike your plane… ha-ha) when you opt for the lower quality method of transportation.

It makes more sense when you look at it from this perspective: you’re paying a little now to avoid paying a lot more later – not just in money, but in time and enjoyment, and at the expense of your trip itself.

3. The camera

Alright, this is more of a “pre-trip” consideration, but I still think it applies. Even if you’re not entirely familiar with how to work the big DSLRs, I would still say go for it. The picture quality is incomparable to any point-and-shoots, even if you just keep it on “Auto” the whole time. Two years ago, I got the Canon Rebel for my birthday and haven’t looked back! I have an elementary knowledge of photography; in high school, I was lucky enough to have a fantastic teacher that went above and beyond what you’d expect to be taught at that level. But, that’s the extent of my “photographic education”. If you can take a course, it’s a bonus; if not, don’t worry about it! DSLRs are a versatile purchase (you won’t only use them for your one trip!) and they last forever as long as you take good care of them.


Speaking of DSLRs – here’s a picture I took today with mine!

Gif from here.

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