I recently watched Eat Pray Love, making that about my hundredth time having seen the movie. I’ll be the first to say it: I’m not a fan of Julia Roberts! Further, the book that the movie is based on didn’t grab me either. I think I got about halfway through the Pray portion of it then yawned and put it down. BUT. There is just something about this movie that gets to me! Maybe it’s the stunning panoramas in Bali, or the mouthwatering spaghetti that seems to be omnipresent in the Roman scenes (disregarding how Julia eats it of course – with a career that rakes in 25 mill per movie you’d think somewhere along the line she’d have learned how to eat spaghetti). But I digress. There is a scene in Rome where Julia and her sidekicks speak about major cities around the world, and what the words are that best describe them. New York: ambition. London: stuffy. Rome: sex.

Now, I don’t want you to get the wrong idea. This post isn’t going in the direction of a romantic, whimsical contemplation about what the word is for Paris. No, no. I only mention the movie as while I was trekking around Montmartre today – sweating, out of breath, and rounding corners every two minutes that led to even more steep inclines – the thought bounced into my head: Montmartre’s word is HILLS.


Montmartre itself is one massive hill in the northern 18th arrondissement of Paris. But don’t be fooled! There are also a bunch of little hills that make up the one big hill. So no matter where you go, you’re walking up. Montmartre also happens to be one of the most beautiful sectors of Paris. Its crowning feature is the Basilica of the Sacré Coeur that boasts an incredible view overlooking all of Paris.



Montmartre also has a really lovely village-vibe. The cobblestone streets, and the easy way locals have become accustomed to meandering throughout the narrow lane-ways is a rarity in Paris. As I’ve mentioned before, normally aggression is key when fighting for your spot on the sidewalk. So coming up here, although it requires some stamina, is totally worth it!


I also confess that I might be making a bigger deal out of the hilly terrain than is called for… The scenery on your way up is more than enough to keep you occupied. What’s more, once you’re at the top, you can take your pick of a million cute little cafes that serve the amazing coffee France is oh-so-well-known for. Here’s a couple more pictures of my mini-adventure up in the clouds today.




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