Jay Peak

Well, winter is rolling around again! …Or is it? Paris weather has been sitting at a balmy 19ºC this past week, which makes it feel more like the beginning of fall than winter. But, that’s the Canadian in me speaking. For all you North Americans out there, I’ve no doubt it’s getting chilly. And although we have the big overstated winter pride thing going on, sometimes it gets a little depressing when thinking about the next 8 months being chock full of rain and grey and that bitter, bitter cold…

But fear not! For with winter comes snow, and with snow comes skiing! Being more of a summer girl myself, winter sports are one of the few things I actually look forward to during the cold months. So, I’ve decided to do a post revisiting the amazing ski weekend I took last year with the McGill Ski and Snowboard Club to Jay Peak in Vermont!


My fashionable little snow bunny friends on the way down the hill!

I remember feeling like I could finally breathe again as the bus pulled out of Montreal. There’s something about leaving the city – even if only for a day or two – that completely rejuvenates you. It almost feels as if you’ve been holding your breath the whole time, and don’t realized until the moment you’re out.

Jay Peak was a beautiful resort. Although notorious for being quite grey, by a stroke of luck it was a sunny, clear day when we arrived. The air was crisp and the slopes freshly groomed. The resort is also really cheap in comparison to other various Canadian ski resorts (ahem, looking at you Tremblant). This is nice, as you don’t feel guilty about going inside to get a hot chocolate to warm up on a lowly student budget.


The main lodge at Jay Peak, Tram Haus.

The resort itself is mid-sized, with 78 trails and over 100 acres of glade terrain thrown in there for the more adventurous. Jay Peak is nice as it really caters to all levels. You know how some resorts offer no choice but to do mogul after mogul every time you go down even the smallest Bunny run? Well, there’s none of that here. What you see is what you get; even at the end of the day when you’re tired and running low on hand-eye coordination, there’s hardly a risk of getting too banged up.

The season begins in mid-November (weather permitting, of course) and extends until about mid-May. So hold out for less than a month, everyone – ski season is comin’ up!!


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