Cacao 70

Montreal is one of the most fantastic cities. In many ways, it is the antithesis of Paris. It’s loud, and funky, and catches you off guard; it’s a city that encourages you to embrace your inner Tim Burton and let your weird out in all of its hole-in-the-wall underground clubs. So of course, going hand-in-hand with all the crazy venues one attends at night, it’s absolutely requisite to consider the amazing brunch stops that hasten the morning-after recovery (providing you’re not too full from that regrettable Chef on Call you decided was a good idea at 4am).

Cacao 70 is at the top of my list of recommendations. Located on the vibrant main drag of Rue Sainte-Catherine Ouest, it’s your one-stop chocolate bar that you’ll stay at ’til you can’t move. First, let’s start with the basics: the hot chocolate is the real deal – there’s about 5 different kinds on the menu, all made with real chocolate, and hot milk added afterwards at your table.


Breakfast items range from the regular – crepes with white chocolate, as pictured above – to the extraordinary: strawberry cheesecake (real cheesecake!) wrapped in a thick doughy crepe. Vanilla ice-cream and fresh strawberries drizzled with sweet syrup are of course (of course!) served on the side.


Throw your inhibitions out the window! (As if you didn’t already do that last night…) Cacao 70 is an indulgent treat for visitors and I’d venture to say staple-food for the locals. You’ll dance off all the calories tonight anyway – enjoy!



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